Engine Service & Maintenance
From turbines to diesel engines, and other mission-critical transportation inspections, Hawkeye Borescopes are fast and reliable!

Engine Service & Maintenance

Aviation, power turbine, wind turbine and truck ground transportation service and maintenance teams are quickly evaluating mission critical aircraft, and diesel engine vehicles, using Hawkeye Rigid and Flexible Borescopes. Maintenance teams conduct fast, reliable inspections of turbine blades, combustion chambers, fuel injector nozzles, engine blocks, transfer cases, brake manifolds, hydraulic assemblies, valve seats, and much more!

Jet engine combustion chamber
seen with a
Hawkeye Pro Hardy 435 mm
Honda engine valves
taken with a
Hawkeye Pro Hardy 180 mm
Jet engine turbine blades
viewed with a
Hawkeye V2 Video Borescope


Gradient Lens Corporation manufactures over 80 models of Hawkeye® rigid, flexible, and video borescopes, and a complete system of interchangeable borescope accessories. The Featured Products below are just three examples Service & Maintenance teams find particularly valuable.


Hawkeye V2 Videoscope
The new Hawkeye V2 Video Borescopes represent the next generation of fully portable, articulating, video borescopes manufactured by Gradient Lens Corporation. The Hawkeye V2 is brighter, has higher resolution, and is more durable than most other portable videoscopes on the market today.

  Blue Swing Prism
Perfect for inspection of diesel engines, the newly re-designed Hawkeye Blue Swing Prism borescopes have a tiny prism at the tip that pivots, or “swings,” to vary the direction-of-view from 16° to 118°. A ring on the borescope body controls the prism direction. The field-of-view is 45°, so the borescope effectively sees from -7° to 133°.
  Hawkeye Pro Flexible
Priced less than £6000, a cost of around half that of comparable instruments, Hawkeye Pro Flexible borescopes provide highly detailed images of cracks, burrs, voids, flash, surface-finish irregularities, and numerous other defects during mission-critical engine inspections in the transportation industry.


Featured Story:

USAirports, Rochester, NY

. . . as seen in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT)Magazine.

Seeing is Believing: The Value of Visual Inspection

"As the only FBO at the Rochester International Airport, in Rochester, NY, USAirports maintains a very busy schedule, including the responsibility of conducting a wide variety of inspections on general aviation aircraft ranging from a single engine Cessna to business jets, . . . "

“Fast, reliable, visual inspection is essential to everything we do,” Thayer said. “Often what we need to see is very hard to access. That’s when we use a borescope. The portable Hawkeye V2 Videoscope we use gives us the ability to take the scope to any part of the aircraft. Even more valuable is the teardown time it saves us, often just to take a quick look at something. Visual inspection is 90% of what we do for inspection. We can insert a borescope and immediately have visual access to areas that we wouldn't be able to reach without some major disassembly,” Thayer said. 

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