Welding Inspection
Quickly identify the quality and integrity of any weld, even inside long tubes or complex parts!



Hawkeye Borescopes can quickly identify the quality and integrity of any weld, even inside long tubes or complex parts used in automotive and aviation fuel systems, medical devices and pharmaceutical and food processing.

Weld in 19 mm stainless
steel tube using a
Hawkeye Pro Hardy 180 mm
Welded and drawn
tube viewed with a
Hawkeye Pro Slim 180 mm
Defects in medical
arterial stent as seen with a
Hawkeye Pro Slim 180 mm

Gradient Lens Corporation manufactures over 80 models of Hawkeye® rigid, flexible, and video borescopes, and a complete system of interchangeable borescope accessories. The Featured Products below are just three examples Welders find particularly valuable.

Hawkeye Pro SS 102 mm
Pro SuperSlim borescopes are only 2.49 mm in diameter allowing clear, reliable inspection, even inside microscopic holes in spray tips, fuel injector nozzles, and much more.
  Luxxor Video Systems
The Luxxor Video System can be used with any Hawkeye borescope, and any laptop or desktop computer. Video and still images can be captured, stored, documented, and emailed. 
  Hawkeye Pro Hardy 180 mm
Hawkeye Pro Hardy borescopes are rugged and bright allowing fast, reliable inspection of welds, even inside narrow tubes, and numerous other welded parts. 


A welded tube is inspected with a Hawkeye Pro 305 mm.

Featured Story:

Kreisler Industrial

Kreisler Industrial employs a “very aggressive borescope inspection” in order to detect defects earlier in the manufacturing process of aviation parts.  Kreisler uses Gradient Lens Corporation’s Hawkeye Precision Borescopes to inspect weld joints to ensure the quality of the weld is acceptable and that the part is flight worthy.  All of Kreisler’s welders and weld operators have been trained in visual inspection requirements and perform borescopic inspections... learn more