Borescope Accessories



Hawkeye® Angled Eyepiece

When you can't get close to the eyecup, the Hawkeye Angled Eyepiece clamps onto the borescope eyecup and reflects the image 90º through its own focusing eyepiece. It also inverts the image, correcting the image inversion of a mirror tube.

  Angled Eyepiece AE-9003 £275 





Luxxor® Video Coupler Lenses

Luxxor Video Couplers connect your borescope to video cameras for live video inspection and documentation. They deliver a full field-of-view and are available in either 25mm, 35mm or 75mm focal lengths. Choosing

 25mm Focal Length Coupler VC-25 £395  
 35mm Focal Length Coupler VC-35 £395  
 35mm Adjustable Focus Coupler HVA2 £495  
 75mm Focal Length Coupler VC-75 £595  



SuperKit Carrying Case

The SuperKit Carrying Case can hold either the Hitachi or Luxxor® complete Video Kit, and other optional equipment like the Angled Eyepiece, Nova Light, Hawkeye Flexible, Mini-Maglite®, and more.

 SuperKit Carrying Case HSC £250  





Hawkeye® Carrying Case

 This rugged, lockable, aluminum case protects its contents and looks good. Blue foam is die-cut to fit and cushion components. HCC fits up to 435 mm scopes.

 Hawkeye Carrying Case (pictured in front ) HCC £145  
 Hawkeye Pro Carrying Case (up to 560 mm scopes ) PCC £195  
 Hawkeye Flexible Carrying Case (not pictured ) HFC2 £195