Hawkeye Video Borescopes
Fully portable or benchtop
Capture video & still images
Excellent quality & great value

Luxxor® Modular Video System

Workstage and camera to fit most standard Borescopes

Our Luxxor® Modular Video Systems integrate the technology of the Luxxor® cameras into 3 axis adjustable work holding frameworks. These can be made to custom specifications to suit you parts and applications, in order to facilitate easy, ergonomic and efficient examination and inspection of parts.

Images and video can then be viewed on a computer or screen and captured for the purposes of documentation and maintaining evidence.

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Luxxor® Portable Camera

Video Camera Attachement to fit most standard Borescopes

Turn ANY Hawkeye® Rigid or Flexible Borescope into a video scope by quickly and easily connecting your scope to this Luxxor® Portable Video Camera attachement.

Once connected to video, you can view images from your endoscope on a video monitor, desktop or laptop computer. You can then capture, store, document and transfer inspection images.

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Luxxor® Video Microscope

Video microscope with workstage

The Luxxor® Digital Video Microscope comes on a versatile, adjustable stand and is made with LED lighting and a high quality, f/4.5 zoom lens which delivers sharp, close-up views. These can be viewed as live video, or captured as images for the purposes of record-keeping and documentation. 

The stand is also compatible with all Hawkeye® Precision Borescopes, and most other borescope brands, which can be quickly and easily mounted onto the stand, facilitating internal inspection processes also.

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